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The course can be viewed on Mapmyrun at

We can't save a link to a downloadable GPX file for the route for uploading on to your Garmin device or similar - but if you email us we can send you the file.

If you haven’t used Mapmyrun before then you need to sort out the zoom on the map as best suits your view.  I would then recommend the satellite view.  The path through the reservoir has been somewhat difficult to plot.  The path does not appear on existing online OS maps or similar. Also Google satellite haven’t yet got updated photos of the new recycling area in the first kilometre which has changed a lot.


I have then also plotted the route on to the OS map below.   As above, there are parts where the path is not marked.  Have had some problems getting text on to the map.  The start is by the sideways number 33 on the map just to the west of the ‘Hosp’.  The finish is at the other end of the red dots


Course Description

In a similar vein to the Yeovil 5k and the old running of the Colyton 10k we will jog from the Cricket Club House to the start in Stringfellow park, a bit over half a mile from the club house.  This eliminates the need for main road crossings at the beginning of the route.  Stringfellow Park is opposite the traffic lighted pedestrian crossing near to Tesco’s.

The course is all on hard ground and so road shoes are recommended.  Because of road crossing that are not marshalled it is not recommended that any music is used.  None of the route is closed to the public – the cycle path is used by cyclists and is not that wide, and there is a part through the reservoir that is very popular with people walking or exercising their dogs.  Please be respectful to other users.

The start is from lamp post No.7 in Stringfellow park and heads along the footpath to the new path near the new recycling centre.  A left along a lane for a short while before a right turn on to the cycle path which is on the route of the old railway line.  Consequently it is very flat and straight – in fact it is actually slightly down hill. Stay on this for nearly 2km before going up a staircase (yes, a set of steps) to road level.  You are now at just short of 3km

You join a country lane and there is a brief downhill before the you encounter a slight uphill.  However this uphill then proceeds to get steeper and is a longish climb – about 2km in total.  You reach a sharp righthand turn, convinced you are at the top of the hill, but no, there is still a little be more, albeit gentle, climb to the high point of the course.  This is almost exactly at the half way point.

You are still on a country lane and there is then a sharp descent for 1 km where good downhillers will thrive.  This flattens out and you reach a kiss gate on the corner of the Nature reserve that surrounds the reservoir.  You pick up a path that goes close to the reservoir.  The wooden platforms have gone and are now replaced with some fairly rough stone tracks.  If time try and admire the view over the reservoir and the selection of wildlife.  Again this path through the reservoir is about 1km.  You encounter a large gate at one stage which hopefully will be propped open. The path then goes in to some open ground.  From that point it is important to stick to the proper path and not try and short cut across the grass.  A few hundred yards alongside some open land.  This is where there are most likely to be dog walkers with loose dogs.  The exit from the reserve depends on whether we can arrange for a padlocked gate to be opened.  If we can’t get it opened then the exit is via a small kiss gate.  Turn right on to a country lane for a few hundred yards.  You are at the 8k mark and this is sadly the last of the proper country side.

You go through a gap on the left of the road past some bollards into a housing area, and follow some quiet lanes through this estate.  This is where you first need to watch out for traffic.  Again is important to stick to the pavement and not cut across the grass next to the play ground area. If you have your wits about you, you’ll see that you now cross the route that you first set out on.  You pick up a road that goes behind Focus DIY store.  This is where the first major road crossing occurs and care is needed.  You pass a chip shop on your right before going down a small lane that narrows to a footpath.  This takes you to the main A 358 from the north in to Chard where you bear left.  You have to get yourself across this road.  We hope to have a marshall at the crossing point but it is not guaranteed.  After a couple of 100 yeards or so you take the first right up Glynswood.  You are at the 9k mark.

At Glynswood you again have to cross the road to get on to the lefthand side and you have a bit of time to do so, but the road can be busy.  There will then be a sign down what looks like a cul-de-sac to some garages and in the corner of the dead end is a narrow concrete foot path going to the right.  You turn right on to this footpath and stay on it for over half a km.  It is a steady uphill all the way with a kink left and right about a third of the way along. 

Finally you come out by Cresta Leisure centre where you swing left.  In a few hundred yards, still climbing you get to Zembard Lane where you go right for about 100 yards before turning left into the football club. 

It is downhill or flat all the way to the finish from here, but the road past the football pitch and on to the Cricket club has a lot of potholes, and there are then speed humps to contend with, so take care.  The finish is right by the Cricket Club house.

There’s no reason why you can’t recce the route in advance – it’s all on public paths or highway.



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